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Having a small business is special because I feel as though I have a personal relationship with my customers.  Not only do I want to reach my customers on a different level but I want my followers to understand that they are not just purchasing an item but the dream behind the brand.  Crew & Lu developed in my mind years ago but came to fruition mid last year.  My son was really the driving force and of course the support of my husband helped make my vision come to life.  So I’m sure you all are wondering why I chose the name “Crew & Lu”.  I played around with so many names.  I wanted the company to have a fun but quirky name and yet stand for a professional brand.  I look back at what I was going to name Crew & Lu and I cringe…what was I thinking with some of my ideas?  LOL  Thank goodness I went with Crew & Lu.  Main reason, it encompassed everything that is important in my life.  Crew is my son’s name, Lu  is both my husband and mine’s first initial.  And you guessed it…Lu will me incorporated in my daughters name.  She is due in May.  We are not announcing her full name just quite yet!

I love supporting small businesses.   Most are super hard working mamas like myself and their creativity is mind blowing.  My business and esthetic is always evolving.  Yes, items might be similar to basics but I love to add my bit of whimsy to each item.  Where do I get my inspiration?  To be honest, I design every piece with my kids in mind.  I love that I have a boy and soon to be daughter so I get to design for both genders.  And I love having unisex items so it works for both!  There is so much pressure to create the new best thing or comparing myself to others.  Well, I am learning to not be so dependent on what others think…  I do me and what I feel I love.  And I can only hope you love it to.

My goal is to bring you a more personal experience with my brand.  Whether it’s through baby apparel or my every day life, I am excited to share it with you.  Follow me on Instagram HERE


February 9, 2014 - 11:49 am

Lauren Gibbs - I found you on Instagram a few months ago & just wanted to tell you that I love following you! You are one inspiring mama! I also love how you came up with your business name. Such a personal & fun idea. I always look forward to reading when I see you have a new blog post up 🙂

February 19, 2014 - 1:19 pm - Lauren, Thanl you so much! That means so much to me. I hope I am interesting enough for you to keep following Ha! XOXOXOXO

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