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Stocking Branch

stockings2Stockings grow from trees right?  In this case yes because we don’t have a fireplace.  I was thinking of a way to display our stockings and my sweet friend Jessica Garvin gave me inspiration (check out her blog, it’s the best).
So once I had my plan I had my husband on a mission.  Find me the best branch ever!  He came home with a (bleep) tree!  I seriously peed my pants I was laughing so hard.  I was like why did you come home with a tree?  And his response…”You are so picky woman, I didn’t want to do you wrong so I figured bring home more so you could choose.”  Ok Lance, well played.  You did good!  And excuse the messy garage, we just got new appliances.  Double whammy!
So I sawed off my perfect branch (my branch was just under 5 feet)) and had him drill two holes so I could attach hooks in order for me to hang it from the ceiling.  Lance then drilled five holes so I could screw in decorative knobs to hang the stockings.  We hung it from ceiling hooks and adjusted accordingly until I liked where it was hanging.  I also added some pom garland I made myself.
These knobs are from Anthropologie and Hobby Lobby.  Stockings are from Pottery barn( a few seasons ago), Anthropologie, and Target.
I vote it be Christmas year round.


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