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crewI share a lot of Ella’s wardrobe on my Instagram.  You can find me here.  Girls clothes are so pretty and you can easily get infatuated with styling but I have to admit I love boys clothes just as much.  Remember my clothing company, Crew & Lu started out with unisex clothing.  It has evolved to what it is now but I am starting to go back to my roots and will add more unisex items like these everyday pants.
Sweatshirt from Prefresh | Everyday pants from Crew & Lu, coming soon
1- Salt City Emporium | 2- Kid and Kind | 3- Good Seed Apparel | 4- Prefresh | 5- Creatures and Features
Here are some of my favorite brands for boys.  What I also love about them is they are all handmade businesses.  Crew lives in t-shirts since he’s in the toddler stage.  We dress him in items that are easy breezy and what is more trendy than graphic tees.  I feel like these t-shirts make a statement so not much else is needed.  I will pair with a sweater or a slouchy beanie and he seems to enjoy what I pick out for him.  Until the day he picks out his own clothes I will be styling up as much as I can.
IMG_5274Another one of my favorite brands- Honey and Lion | Beanie- Beau Hudson | Sweater- Crewcuts, past season

Hope to bring you more inspiration for boys in the future.  XO


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