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THRIVE | a creative series

A more intimate take on Crew & Lu.  So if you have been following Crew & Lu for awhile, I will just do a quick synopsis of our background.  I started this little company of mine in 2013, after I had my son Crew.  I have always loved fashion and it thrilled me to be able to create something versatile yet stylish for him to wear.  And from there it grew beyond my wildest dreams.  We are now a full blown children’s brand.  I have so many dreams and I feel like we are just budding to what can be a beautiful garden. From the beginning though, I had a vision of what I wanted of this brand. This company.  Not only do I love outfitting your babies in the latest of fashions, but I love being interactive and connecting with people.  I like to compare Crew & Lu to a book series.  We are like a series of books, evolving our story with time.  Our first book is our clothing line and now our second book is THRIVE- a creative series.  I personally surround myself with people who inspire me, intimidate me, and ultimately push me.  I love challenging myself to try new things and soaking up as much creativity as I can.  And I am always searching for more.
T H R I V E – verb || to grow or develop successfully: to flourish
Now to introduce to you to THRIVE.  Our creative series will consist of mini workshops lead by master makers and shakers.  Each workshop will have it’s own theme (chapters-as we call it) and a craft (volume) will be presented.  All while enjoying goodies and drinks.   I am hoping you will be inspired by not only our panel of creatives but by each other.  Nothing is better than being inspired and feeling rejuvenated.
Mini workshop dates will be released soon.  I can’t wait to mingle with you.
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