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How to display your Christmas cards.

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There’s so many things to look forward to during the holiday season. The first thing that puts me in the holiday mood is Christmas music. It somehow changes me and takes me back to being an 8 year old girl, dancing around the house to the Christmas music that my mom would put on. My next favorite thing that the holidays bring are Christmas Cards! There’s truly nothing as magical or as exciting as running out to check the mail everyday when my 2 year old wakes from his nap to see what friendly faces will be awaiting us. The best part about receiving those beautiful cards, is then hanging them up for our family to enjoy throughout the holiday season!

At Crew & Lu, we are all about creating something original and festive that you can add your own personality to. We will be walking you through our DIY Christmas Card Branch Display that anyone can make. Bonus- your kids will love it and can help find the branch!
– branch (found outside)
– starry lights from Target
– 2 (1 1/4”) hooks from local hardware store
– package of hook & eyes from local hardware store
-gold leaf yarn from Joann’s fabric
-Christmas Cards
BloghangingcardswebFirst, measure your branch and evenly space your hooks apart. Our branch is 56 inches wide. We measured 15 inches in from the end of the branch, screwing in our hook at the top where we wanted to attach it. You can hand screw the hook in without using tools.

Once the large hooks are screwed in, measure the bottom width of the branch and divide how many inches wide the branch is with how many hook and eyes you want to have. For example our branch is 56 inches wide and we had 8 hook and eyes so we spaced ours, 7 inches apart along the length of the branch. Hand screw the hook and eyes into the bottom of the branch.
brach picNext, hang it from the ceiling in the studs to make sure it’s sturdy. We used the same hooks in the ceiling as we did at the top of the branch.

Attach the cards with yarn and hang from top to bottom to each other with about an inch in between. Hole punch the cards and loop the yarn through the hole punch. It’s ok if the length of each yarn isn’t the same, it will look cute, I promise!

Finish it off by adding your own decorations to make it as festive as you would like. We used our DIY pom tassels and the twinkle lights for ours. Don’t be afraid to get creative!
branch with pics
You can see the same technique used here in Uyen’s home for her stockings.  She doesn’t have a fireplace in her home but this was a great alternative.
Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

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