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Celebrating New Years with Kids

This is my second year celebrating New Years Eve with a kid. For those of you with kids, you know how different celebrating this holiday is compared to what it was probably like pre-kiddos.Those without kids, keep celebrating out on the town and stay out as late as possible, because, once the kids come you find new, creative ways to ring in the new year, and it doesn’t involve a club at 2:00am wearing heels.
Since my son was only 1 last New Years I didn’t have to worry about entertaining him too much. This year, however, is a different story. After seeing how exciting Christmas was through his eyes, my husband and I wanted to make sure we made his New Year just as memorable.
A few fun, kid-friendly ideas that hopefully you can try yourself if you will be at home celebrating with your family this year.
Since I’m a big-time champagne lover, and New Years is basically a champagne holiday, I want to create these cocktails for our family to enjoy that look like a kid friendly version of champagne. All you need for this is plastic flutes (real flutes if your children are not like mine), gummy bears or whatever their favorite candy is, and either sparkling cider or apple juice! You can add a cute mixer or use rock candy as the mixer for extra fun! The kids will have a ball with these.
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Another thing I plan on doing with my son every New Years is having him fill out a kids version New Years Resolution. When I was young, every year I would gather my family together and hand out pieces of paper and tell everybody that they had to write three resolutions down and we would go around in a circle telling everyone what we wrote. Now, thanks to all the DIYers out there, we can print our resolutions and fill them out! This one is one of my favorites because it has the year in review to reflect on the previous year and our resolutions for the upcoming. You can print this one out on their website. Go to the link below!
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Another fun way to celebrate the holiday with your kids is to help them make their own party poppers to pop at midnight (or whenever they plan on doing their celebrating). It’s easy and convenient. Just save up some toilet paper rolls, use some holiday wrapping paper and ribbon, and stuff with whatever you have laying around such as crinkle paper, tissue paper, mini toys, etc. They will have a blast popping these!
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Lastly, New Years isn’t fun without noise. Lots and lots of noise. Especially for toddlers like my own, I might as well embrace the noise on one holiday where it’s acceptable. I plan on making these paper plate shakers for our family to have some fun with on New Years Eve this year!

You just need 2 paper plates, a hot glue gun (adult supervised), a wooden stick, whatever you want to use inside to make the noise, I plan on using popcorn kernels, and then whatever arts and crafts you have that you want to decorate the plates with!

Glue the stick to one of the plates, add your filler, place the second plate on top of the other plate with glue around the edges and then decorate! Trust me, your kids will have a blast not only decorating these, but shaking them as well!
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Hope this gives you some ideas on how to have a kid-friendly New Years Eve, and to be honest, I am more excited about this New Years Eve than any in the past that were pre-kids! Happy New Year Friends!

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