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It’s so funny how your taste changes as you get older.  I have always had a strong design opinion.  My husband would disagree, but the way I explain my choices to him goes a little like this… I like a lot of things, that’s what makes me indecisive.  But I definitely know what I don’t like.  Our first home was actually Lance’s.  Total bachelor pad with no design at all.   I do remember he had navy blue shades.  He explained it more of a practicality design rather than for looks.  He liked that it was like black out shades. Insert my (yikes) face.
We purchased our current home the year we got married.  It was bigger and a perfect place for us to start our family and build memories.  I am obsessed with our layout and really think the space fits us well.  And to be quite honest I’ve grown really attached to this home since we brought Crew and Ella home as babies here.
I don’t know if I’m the only one but decorating a home is endless.  I feel like my taste is always changing and there is also the whole everything is so costly issue.  We’ve done a lot to this home since we moved into it. We repainted the kitchen cabinets and totally renovated our master bath.  I have lucked out that Lance is so handy so we can always do DIY projects to keep the costs down.  And there is something to when you put your sweat equity in, you feel more proud of the results.  Unless it’s a total Pinterest fail.  HA.  So my point is since I’ve gotten older, I feel like I finally have an idea of what my aesthetic is now.  I am now more willing to make bigger purchases since I feel like I will be making wiser, classic decisions rather thanks what’s trendy at the moment.  I have gathered some images below for my future home inspiration.  I pin a lot from Pinterest and you can find me here. I’m also starting a separate instagram from Crew & Lu’s instagram, this handle is called house_of_lu Instagram and will feature more of my home lifestyle.  Hope you like it.
Image from Pinterest.  Source found here.
My kitchen inspiration.  Obsess with the light gray cabinets and I love all the gold fixtures.  The white herringbone subway tile can be timeless too.
Image from Pinterest.  Source found here.
I love brick anything and especially when it’s white.  I love the contrast of the industrial pendant with the brown siding.
Image from Pinterest.  Source unknown.
I love this bed idea for one of the kids rooms.  The rope ladder brings a fund design element and love the reading lamps.
Source from here.
Love this look for the guest bathroom.  I have been obsessing over patterned flooring and I love the way the wood brings out an earthy feel to the room.

Hope you like all my inspiration pics.  It’s so great that we have the technology now to spread the love of all these creative artists.  If you would like to see more follow me on Pinterest 🙂

Have a happy day.

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