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Ella’s Coachella

_Z2A8681_Z2A8692I was kind of set on not having a major bash for Ella’s birthday this year but when we started having little convos about it and her eyes lit up… I just had to plan one.  She’s at the age of really understanding it was her party and there would be balloons, presents, and her favorite – cake.  Knowing this is probably my last year to be able to pick a theme, I thought it would be so fun to mimic Coachella.  I have never been so, this was our version of it.  I thought it would be perfect to hang outside…kid and parent friendly 😉
I rented beautiful wicker furniture from Founders Grove and had sitting areas all through out our front yard.  It was perfect enjoying the music and just lounging.
I had two singers, and they were just the cutest as can be.  The funny thing is they were both former figure skaters and I knew them from when I was coaching.  It’s such a small world.  They were so good and now I’m obsessed and we need singers at every dinner party we do. HA.
Lois Zozobrado
Rinsley Emma Rose
_Z2A9275Our nephew Blake, also busted out a rap.  Too good!
Isn’t that weaving so beautiful?  It’s by Robyn Parker
Yummiest macarons by Decadent Macaron
I think we need to have get togethers more often.  It was a lot of work but I love entertaining and seeing our friends.
_Z2A9064_Z2A9170_Z2A9158_Z2A9408_Z2A9055_Z2A8740_Z2A9396This hanging saucer was a major hit.  You can find it HERE.
We had the best time celebrating you baby girl.  Hope you know how much we love you!  Until next time!
Furniture rental: Founders Grove
Macarons: Decadent Macaron
Photography: Jasmine Amber Photography
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