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is a native of sunny Arizona and a lover of all things.  Bursting with creativity, she strives to bring refinement and whimsy to every aspect of her life.

Uyen is a daydreamer, go-getter, and a fly by the seat kind of gal. Wife to Lance (aka- Boo, Babes, Hubs, Stud, Handy Hubby, too many names to list) and a momma to Crew (aka- Boo, Little Gem, and Little Man). Addicted to her family and delighted by her friends; she is with open arms to laughter, beauty, and adventure.

Uyen’s goal is to bring your inner creativity out and to fill you with happiness.

Nicknames: Winnie
Favorite accessory: My wedding ring
Worst habit: I’m always 5 minutes late!
Pet peeves: Bad manners
Go to drink: Sugar free cinnamon dolce soy latte
Guilty pleasure: Pedicures
3 favorite TV shows: So you think you can dance, Any of the Real Housewives…I know guilty pleasure, and Amazing Race (one day, hubs and I would like to apply for it).
Go to beauty product: Concealer
Favorite color nail polish: Gel Need a Tan