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Uyen Carlson (pronounced Win) is a native of sunny Arizona and a lover of all things.  Bursting with creativity, she strives to bring refinement and whimsy to every aspect of her life.  Uyen is a daydreamer, go-getter, and a fly by the seat kind of gal.  Wife to Lance (aka- Boo, Babes, Hubs, Stud, Handy Hubby, too many names to list) and momma to Crew (aka- Boo, little gem, and little man).  Addicted to her family and delighted by her friends; she is with open arms to laughter, beauty and adventure.

Always being fashion forward, Uyen saw the lack of innovative clothing for her son.  She began designing pieces for Crew and before you know it…wham-bam, Crew & Lu was born.  Crew & Lu is a gem of a brand hoping to fill your lifestyle with joy. It features modern glam and encompasses the feeling of fresh, hip, and versatility.